Hello there! Welcome to my art blog!

As someone who can be a bit obsessive, before I wrote this blog, I did what any modern human does these days and Googled, “how to write an artist’s first blog.”

Apparently, I’m supposed to get a domain name, brainstorm a at least a dozen blog subjects first, have my first 5 blogs already planned out, decide how often I will write, and goddammit, be consistent with writing or I’m going to lose readership! And don’t be lame; don’t bore people for god’s sake – you all want to know who I am. You want to understand how I think and see my discoveries occurring. And by god, I must have a purpose for my blog!

Geez. Chill already, Interwebs.

I decided to start a blog for a few reasons: 1) to help me feel more like a “real” artist by helping ground me in more consistency, 2) to help me understand better why I’m doing the work I’m doing, and 3) to help me see progress over time. I expect my reasons to blog will change over time.

And maybe, just maybe you’ll find my development as a watercolor painter interesting as it unfolds for both you and me. Something might resonate with you as my skills and styles progress and shift. And perhaps I can learn something from you as I share my successes and not-so-successes in this odd, self-esteem crushing, fulfilling, joyous, and frustrating pursuit we call art.

Thank you for joining me.

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