Gym Chicken. 9″x 12″. Arches 140 lb. watercolor block paper.

Since my last, long ago post, I’ve been painting here and there. And on Christmas Eve, I recharged by quickly painting 5 watercolor cards in 6 hours that were to go with various gifts for family. Of course I waited until the day of the family get together to finally paint. But what was really enlightening was that the small paintings were looser and more transparent than usual since I didn’t have the time to overwork them. They weren’t masterpieces, but it was a great exercise in quick painting.

Now, I’m picking up Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge. She’s on her 8th year hosting this challenge. This will be my first and I’m excited and energized to participate. With the holiday lull, I’ve been using the time to clear out old lingering projects and clutter to make room for this challenge. I still have some projects to clear out, but I did have space to paint Gym Chicken for Day 1 this afternoon. Gym Chicken pecks around the parking lot at my gym in the morning. She roosts somewhere nearby and I’m told there are more. I only see this one.

Starting off the first day of 2017 and the painting challenge with Gym Chicken seems appropriate for several reasons. First of all, it IS the Year of the Chicken for the lunar calendars. And not just any year of the chicken but, the Fire Chicken. Given the temperament of the new president that will enter the White House later this month, it works for me.

Second, this chicken is FIT, going to the gym and all. Gym Chicken is inspiring me to be my best healthy self ever for 2017!

Third, chickens are symbols of prosperity in many Asian cultures. And as I write this post, a friend on Facebook saw Gym Chicken a few minutes ago and now wants to buy it! Wow. My prosperity for 2017 has already begun. All because of Gym Chicken.

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