For Day 4, here is a lunchtime birdie, a male Lesser Goldfinch.

With this 30 day challenge, I have to get creative with my time so I can squeeze in paint time as I also do my regular work, regular home life, and get conditioned for my first ski day of the season on Friday. Iā€™m always taking on a lot of activities, and this is yet again, no exception. This painting took a little under an hour from sketch to finish.

I brought my travel paint set with me to work so I could paint at lunch. I guess the results are ok; the colors are washed out on the original. I jazzed up the brightness and saturation with the Camera Plus app on my iPhone, so what you see is my aspirational color quality. After working with my home set of Sennelier and Daniel Smith paints, I am no longer satisfied with the quality of the Reeves paint palette. I might dig out the existing paint in the pocket set and squeeze in my better paints. Ā 

This finch is another local that winters here in the Sacramento Valley. I think they are actually in the area year round, but I see them in larger numbers in the winter. Within a couple of days of putting out the sock feeders, dozens of these finches will swarm the feeders and empty them within 3 days or so. They also make a mess, so I am constantly trying to find new places to hang the feeders that will leave the least amount of debris.

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