After the holiday traffic fiasco on Saturday, on Sunday, our crew left the cabin a little after 7am to make our way to the ski slopes that were only 15 miles away. Note that on Saturday we left Sacramento at 7am to drive 100 miles in what we thought would be only be a 2-hour drive. 4 hours later we arrive to completely full parking lots. I felt really bad that our friend from Portland, OR came down to ski Tahoe with us. He took it all in stride though, and our little crew hit the casinos instead.

Our timing was much better on Sunday. There was a bit of congestion leading into Squaw Valley, but we scored with really good parking, got our passes, and were on the slopes by 9am. It was beautiful and we all had a great day of skiing. We got back home Sunday afternoon and cleaned up for dinner with friends before taking our friend to the airport that evening.

With that long day, no energy was left for a Day 15 painting. I did think about my next painting, so while no production happened, I’ll count the mental composition of a painting as an artistic accomplishment.

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