Of all the portraits I’ve done so far, I think this is one of my better and favorite ones. Except for the lace collar, I really worked to keep things flowing, not get bogged down in details, and to not overwork the paint. Working on the collar turned out not to be too bad; it was more of a soothing meditative practice.

This was a fun portrait to do. I love the directness of her steely gaze, the down-turned mouth, expressing determination or disapproval – I can’t tell. Whatever it is, she’s awesome. Hang in there, Ruth! We need you for at least another 4 years!

Tomorrow will be a shift back to creatures. The Year of the Super Fire Chicken is coming up this Friday, so my next sub-theme for this 30 day painting challenge will be poultry. Who knew chickens were so hot right now? Shifting gears will also give me a bit of a mental break from the tumult and lies surrounding our new president right now. I haven’t felt right since the election. While the Women’s March on Sacramento yesterday was really affirming, the real work still lies ahead. I’ll need to restore my mental reserves for the battles ahead, so maybe I can be energized with healing chickens.

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