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On the 31st day after the 30-day painting challenge, Leslie Saeta, the painting hostess and a great artist herself, tells us how to make a collage of our month’s work using PicMonkey. It’s really cool to see all the work in one image – 23 paintings and drawings!

I only missed 7 completed paintings as I tried to fit all this in with some ski days, garden volunteering work, gymming, working, wifeing, and all the other things. How sad is it that wifeing came last? Sorry Hubby! Now I can wife better – at least for a day or two. Otherwise, not too shabby. I painted and blogged more in 30 days than I have in 12 months, so that’s pretty neat.

What I’ll do next is go back and re-paint six of the paintings that friends and family had interest in buying. I suppose I could give away/sell them, but several were just studies made in my sketchbook while a couple of others just are not up to my standards of what I think should be exchanged for cash-money or even given as a gift. I also want to re-paint them in sizes that will fit into standard sized mats. Since the painting challenge was more for me to just get into a regular painting rhythm, I didn’t think about them generating buyer interest and then selling them. Because of that, I think most of these paintings would need a custom cut mat. For me anyway, I’m always sad when matting and framing costs more than the painting. I want to minimize that expense for anyone who wants to take one of my pieces home.

I was going to paint tonight, but I think I’m going to cop out and call this collage and blog post the evening’s art effort. I’ve also just realize I ran out of two sizes of watercolor paper blocks, so I have to buy more tomorrow. I didn’t realize until yesterday that my rooster head was NOT painted on really smooth paper, but on the cardboard support that is left after all the paper is gone. No wonder I couldn’t separate the painting from the backing; IT’S ON THE BACKING. Geez. I’m such a goofball.


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