While I haven’t created any new artworks the last 9 days, behind the scenes, I’ve been creating the beginnings of my own art business. It’s been really fun and interesting consulting with the accountant, applying for a business license and sellers permit, setting up a website, ordering business cards, and learning about all the things that go into setting up a sole proprietorship.

I expect to keep my day job as a faithful public servant for a while, but the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge in January really opened up the possibilities about where a more creative life might take me.

To help me with the nuts and bolts of this process, I picked up this book last weekend, Art, Inc. by Lisa Congdon. I found it with a Google search, “best art business books.” This one came out at the top of the list. It’s a great guidebook written by a working artist. She uses interviews with other successful, working artists to lay out how they started and what they do to sustain their practice. It’s been very encouraging and accessible, and I recommend it to any creative who’s looking for real-life examples of how others have become successful in the visual arts fields.

I’m just about done with the first phase of a business set up, and I am looking forward to painting again this weekend.



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