Bee Dreams. 11″ x 14″ transparent watercolor on Yupo Medium

Well, here I am again; this time blogging directly in my new and improved website instead of on the WordPress blog platform. I’ve had a website for a year, but just never had the energy to develop it into something useful. After a few sad attempts to change my theme and start customizing a menu last week, I gave up trying to self-learn and finally looked into what support services were offered by WordPress which hosts this site.

I was completely oblivious, up until a week ago, that I had the ability to chat directly with IT help in a 30-minute session. Here I was spending money on a business plan, and I was totally under-utilizing all the support they offer.

So I set up an appointment for this morning, successfully followed all the links for IT and me to jointly view my computer screen, got connected via my speakerphone, and 30 minutes later wrapped up with a basic (and functional!) structure in place for my website. As of this writing, my website is still a bit embryonic, but I have menus that work the way I want them to, and some basic knowledge to keep developing site. Yay!

It was so slick and my IT support, Maureen, was amazing. She likes my art, too. I’ll even get an audio-video file that captures our session so I can go back and review how we did things. So cool! I highly recommend WordPress for website hosting. It’s got a bit more learning curve than perhaps a beginner like me should try to start with, but if you have the basic ability to follow directions and have a lot of patience with yourself, I think WordPress is a good platform to use, especially with all the support. So far, so good.

This recent piece was painted for my very first art market last September 2017. I’ll write more about that fun venture in a future post. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember this from an earlier blog post last year where I painted this same bee as a quick study in my travel journal. This time, I used a fun new “paper” I’ve been playing with, Yupo. This is a plastic and recyclable medium by Legion Paper that is interesting to paint on. The paint sits on the surface and allows me to move it around a bit before it dries. I like the watery and flowy effects I get with it.

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