2014-08-22 20.14.58Born in California, I grew up in a small, Orange County city in Southern California among strawberry fields, liquor stores, used car sales lots, and bus trips to the beach.

It wasn’t until I left Southern California to attend college in the Central Coast that I started to pursue a path that would combine my love of open spaces, nature, and art. Surrounded by oak woodland savannahs and coastal chaparral, I obtained my BS in Landscape Architecture and Minor in Fine Arts at California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo.

After graduating from Cal Poly SLO, I set aside my art interests and created a life as a landscape architect and restoration ecologist in Sacramento. After 16 years, I had become entrenched in “management” and was in great need of a mental shift; I needed a more creative life, so in 2012, I began to paint again. My new focus brought me in contact with many wonderful watercolor artists who were instrumental in helping me find my artistic path.

My work is informed by the sun-saturated colors of California, inspired by my work as a restoration ecologist and environmental advocate, and influenced by my meditation practice.

With my art, I work to deepen our connections to nature and spirit by exploring and celebrating the fragility and strength, imperfection and beauty of the wild spaces around and within us. I invite you to share the journey and to make new discoveries with me.