New Spaces

New Spaces

What a eventful summer! As of July, I am now a resident artist at the ARTHOUSE on R Street. My studio/gallery is located in the historic J.P. Fuller Building along a decommissioned rail spur at the edge of Midtown Sacramento. I share a large space with 4 other artists, known locally as the Gang of 5. I’m still doing some artmaking at home in the spare bedroom, but will transition to working more in the studio space.

I’m looking forward to meeting art lovers during the monthly art walks, having a place to show my work and meet with my collectors, and being in the middle of the continued renaissance of the R Street Corridor. When I moved next to R Street in Sacramento 23 years ago, the corridor was populated by abandoned warehouses and pot-holed parking lots. The warehouses beckoned for re-use. The J.P. Fuller Building was one of the few structures that had been redeveloped. I am so thrilled to now be able to make art in this wonderfully restored space filled with light and art energy. Come by and visit me in my new space! I’m on the 2nd Floor in Studio 7 every Second Saturday and by appointment.

While I settle into my new physical space in the ARTHOUSE, this blog post also marks the beginning of a new virtual space for me in the form of a new website platform and upgrade. I finally made the jump to switch to Squarespace, a website platform that is much easier for me to use and update. My former host of WordPress had great features, but required a bigger brain on my part to learn all the tricks to make it work like I wanted. My poor website languished for months because I just couldn’t get myself motivated to make myself learn the program. With Squarespace, it gives me the basic foundation I want with room to upgrade and refine as I get more knowledgeable about the program. You will continue to see more refinement to the site as I add more content and features.

I’ve also been working on new art offerings and experimenting and learning how to paint on a new substrate, Aquabord. I’ll be writing more about these developments in future posts.

In the meantime, enjoy our seasonal transition to fall, take in the crisp, cooler weather, and take a moment to slow down even for just a moment or two to savor the change of season. There is much beauty to appreciate when we remember to be mindful and take time to notice.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

-Albert Camus

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