New Arrivals in the Shop!

New Arrivals in the Shop!

Check out my new arrivals feature in the shop!

My shop has more stuff in it! And categories! Are you filled with awe and wonderment? You should be! I’ve been working hard on this! LOL.

My new arrivals are 5 new art prints and include: two common ravens, a yellow-billed magpie, a western scrub jay, and a long-horned sunflower bee. These are printed on 11”x14” size paper with an image size of approximately 8”x10”. This allows you to easily find a pre-cut mat that you can drop in front of the print and then mount inside pre-made frames. I used this very common standard size to help make it easy and more affordable to frame your artwork without the cost of going custom. All my prints are created using pigment-based inks and printed on acid-free, 100% cotton rag paper. This means you have archival-quality artwork that will provide years of colorful enjoyment without fading and yellowing.

behind the scenes

If you haven’t visited my site in a while, it might look a bit different. Because of the learning curve of switching to a new website platform that is more commerce-friendly like Shopify, I decided to keep my site here on Squarespace for at least a few more months and tweak it instead; I’m learning how to incorporate better SEO, elevating my artwork and product photography, adding more offerings with quality descriptions, and improve the purchase experience. I want you, my visitors and collectors, to have a lovely online visit and feel like you are entering my art world in a beautiful, aspirational, and engaging way. So I’ve been working really hard this first quarter to create this experience.

I’ve been taking workshops and masterclasses on building an sustainable art business that will be more than just an expensive hobby. And I’ve actually been implementing the things I’m learning and starting to see some results. So that’s a cool new thing I’ve been working on since the winter holidays. My goal is to make 2023 the year that I not just finally break even with this arty side-hustle, but to really thrive creatively and financially as an artist.

More art, notecards & 2nd Saturday coming soon

I’m optimistic that I will become sustainable enough to be able to afford to hire folks to build my next website version, take photographs, and manage publicity leaving me more time to create, travel, and gather inspiration. I’m already starting to venture out into being more boss-like with my first hire of a young studio and personal assistant. It’s scary taking that first step to bring in assistance, but even with just a few hours a week of help, I’m feeling more freed up and motivated to continue painting and growing.

Keep an eye out for the New Arrivals that will land in the coming weeks. My next order of notecards are being formatted at the print shop now, and I expect them to be printed late this week to early next week. Keep an eye out for a fresh announcement. And if you haven’t used your 15% off coupon on your first purchase yet, you just might find some new things to use it on soon. Don’t have the coupon code? Sign up for my email list and you will receive your code!

You can use this 15% coupon not just on my website, but in person too. You’ll find me in real life participating in Sacramento’s 2nd Saturday on March 11, 2023 from 5PM to 8PM at ARTHOUSE on R in Studio 2.

Can’t wait to share more art with you and see you IRL!

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