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Notecard - Bee Dreams

Notecard - Bee Dreams

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This notecard depicting a long-horned sunflower bee resting upon a sneezeweed bloom is a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to send your heartfelt messages. The card features a vibrant watercolor painting of this solitary bee, known for its distinctive long antennae and large green eyes.

Each card is accompanied by a recycled paper Kraft envelope. The inside is blank, allowing for a personalized message, while the back cover features interesting facts about the bee and flower. Perfect for ay occasion, this notecard is sure to delight bee and California native plant lovers alike.

Fun Fact: In the cool, early mornings of summer you might find a group of long-horned sunflower bees snoozing on flowers like this one painted here.

As the temperatures rise, these bees will wake up and begin their daily search for pollen.

To attract these bees into your garden, plant sunflowers, sneezeweed, and sages. Avoid using pesticides and herbicides for best bee results.

Bee Lore: These industrious creatures are important pollinators of many food-bearing plants and represent the interconnected of life. Bees remind us to foster community, personal power, and brightness. Bring bees into your life to amplify focus, mindfulness, and connections to others and nature.

Protect and Share the Enchantment of California

Share this card with bee lovers, nature lovers, your favorite insect enthusiast, or anyone else who enjoys the diverse beauty that California offers us.

With your purchase of a greeting card, a portion of the proceeds goes to organizations that work to protect California’s lands, native plants, and wildlife species.

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