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Notecard - California Dogface Butterfly

Notecard - California Dogface Butterfly

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Introducing the stunning California dogface butterfly notecard, an ode to the state insect of California.

The card comes with a recycled paper Kraft envelope and is wrapped in a compostable plastic, adding an eco-friendly touch to your stationery collection.

The inside of the notecard is blank, giving you ample space to write your message, and the back cover features interesting butterfly facts, making it a perfect gift for nature enthusiasts. Don't miss the chance to add this beautiful notecard to your collection!

California Dogface Butterfly Biology:

The California dogface butterfly is only found in California and became California’s official state insect in 1972.

This species is commonly found in the San Bernardino and Santa Mountains and in chaparral and woodland habitats in Southern California. Adults are attracted to moist regions with moist soils.

The California dogface butterfly will nectar on many species of flowers, but the adults especially like blue gilia, sunflowers, and thistle blooms. To create your own butterfly habitat and to support the caterpillars, avoid the use of pesticides and plant locally native false indigo bushes (Amorpha californica orAmorpha fruticosa) which the caterpillars feed exclusively upon

Lore: Butterflies remind us to pay attention and listen to our intuition, feelings, and senses. Butterfly magic can be available to us as we navigate through spiritual rebirth, transformation, and hope.

Protect and Share the Enchantment of California

Share this card with butterfly lovers, nature lovers, your favorite insect enthusiast, or anyone else who enjoys the diverse beauty that California offers us.

With your purchase of a greeting card, a portion of the proceeds goes to organizations that work to protect California’s lands, native plants, and wildlife species.

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