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Notecard - Electric Hare No. 1

Notecard - Electric Hare No. 1

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This greeting card features a reproduction of my original watercolor painting of a jackrabbit (aka "Jack"), a widespread mammal found in open spaces throughout the California Central Valley

The card comes with a brown kraft envelope and is wrapped in compostable plastic. The card is blank inside, ready for your own personal note. The back of the card tells you more about this hare.

Jackrabbit Biology: Black-tailed jackrabbits are commonly found in open or semi-open areas of California’s valleys and foothills. They are quite adaptable and resilient and can live in extremely dry regions with poor quality food. Their powerful hind legs provide the speed to elude predators and their exceptionally large ears not only help them detect danger, but also act as a cooling mechanism.

Protect and Share the Enchantment of California

Share this card with jackrabbit lovers, nature lovers, your favorite lagomorph enthusiast, or anyone else who enjoys the diverse beauty that California offers us.

With your purchase of a greeting card, a portion of the proceeds goes to organizations that work to protect California’s lands, native plants, and wildlife species.

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