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Notecard - Monarch Butterfly

Notecard - Monarch Butterfly

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This greeting card features a reproduction of my original watercolor painting of the Monarch Butterfly, a butterfly that once migrated through California by the millions.

The card comes with a brown kraft envelope and is blank inside, ready for your own personal message.

Monarch Butterfly Biology: Here in California, we are visited by the western population of Monarchs which live west of the Rocky Mountains. This western population overwinters in canyons and riparian areas of Southern and Inland California and the Southwest, before migrating up the Pacific coast and the Central Valley of California, to southern Canada.

It will take 4 to 5 generations of summer monarchs to complete the northward migration in the summer. As they continue northward, the various species of milkweeds endemic to their geographic region begin to grow and bloom in timing with the arrival of these brightly colored migrants.

As the weather becomes colder in the fall, the winter generation of Monarchs will reverse course and migrate south to avoid freezing. Unlike the eastern population of Monarchs, the western population does not migrate and overwinter in the Oyamel fir forests of Mexico.

Lore: Butterflies remind us to pay attention and listen to our intuition, feelings, and senses. Butterfly magic can be available to us as we navigate through spiritual rebirth, transformation, and hope.

Protect and Share the Enchantment of California

Share this card with butterfly lovers, nature lovers, your favorite insect enthusiast, or anyone else who enjoys the diverse beauty that California offers us.

With your purchase of a greeting card, a portion of the proceeds goes to organizations that work to protect California’s lands, native plants, and wildlife species.

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