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Notecard - Yellow-billed Magpie with Side Eye

Notecard - Yellow-billed Magpie with Side Eye

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Our yellow-billed magpie notecard is a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to send your heartfelt messages. The card is blank inside and features a vibrant watercolor painting of the iconic yellow-billed magpie, known for its striking black and white plumage and distinctive yellow beak.

The back of the card includes a description of the bird, adding educational value to your purchase. Our notecard is accompanied by a recycled paper Kraft envelope, making it an eco-conscious choice.

Send a thoughtful message with our yellow-billed magpie notecard and share the beauty of this stunning bird with your friends and loved ones.

Protect and Share the Enchantment of California

With your purchase of a notecard, a portion of the proceeds goes to organizations that work to protect California’s lands, native plants, and wildlife species.

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